Move In

It’s Move In day! New students: Welcome! Returning students: Please make our new friends feel welcome. You know all the ropes when it comes to moving in!


Did you forget anything? Check out this list of what to bring to campus, provided by the Madonna University Residence Hall. If you need anything, don’t worry! If you are unfamiliar with the area, there is both a Meijer and Target on 8 Mile and Haggerty, and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kroger, and Five Below on 6 Mile and Haggerty.


We hope that today goes smoothly and you begin to feel at home at Madonna University!

For all information on the Residence Hall, check out the website:



Safe Drinking Tips, Labor Day Edition

labor day

It’s Labor Day Weekend! I am sure many of you will be attending parties and barbeques to close out the summer. While you should be sure to have plenty of fun, you should also make sure to play it safe when alcohol is involved. Here are five tips to help you sensibly end the summer:


  1. Arrive late to the party and leave early. Why not arrive fashionably late?! You’ll feel less of a need or desire to drink if you are not at the party as long.


  1. Find other social activities. There are sure to be games, good food, and people to talk to. You don’t need alcohol for any of those activities.


  1. Volunteer to be the sober driver. It’s that simple. If you drive, you can’t drink.


  1. Set a limit on the number of drinks you consume BEFORE you start drinking. Don’t get carried away with the fact that drinks are free and seemingly unlimited at parties. Give yourself a limit and stick to it.


  1. Have a plan for saying “no” when offered alcohol. It’s okay to say no, and if you have a plan for what to say, it will be much easier and won’t feel awkward to refuse a drink.

Want more tips? Check out our previous post of Safe Drinking Tips.Enjoy the weekend!

Plan your Labor Day Weekend


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Plan your Labor Day Weekend Right!

No work, no school, no worries!  This is it.  Labor Day Weekend is the last weekend before reality hits many students. Yes, reality.  School, work, studying, prioritizing, organizing, etc.  It’s the last major weekend to enjoy summer! What should you do?  We can help with that!  Get all your supplies ready for a weekend of fun.  Have a picnic at a park with family and friends. Hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, lemonade, ice cream.  Hungry yet?  Go on a mini vacation to Northern Michigan to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular lake view.  Watch the sunset one evening and the next morning the sunrise.  Take in all you can of this last taste of summer before we welcome the fall.  


Enjoy this beautiful weekend commemorating the working people in the US and take it easy!  

Back to School Checklist

The first day of classes is quickly approaching! Are you ready? If not, don’t panic! There’s still time to take care of everything you need to. Use this checklist to make sure you are prepared for the 2014-2015 school year.


  1. Did you order your textbooks yet? You can log-in to MyPortal to see a full list of the textbooks you’ll need.  Order your textbooks through MyPortal for quick pick up in the Bookstore.  Of course, you can also shop in person at the Bookstore.  Websites like or usually ship books farily quickly.
  2. Print out your syllabus if it’s available on Blackboard. Read through it, highlight important dates, and prepare any questions you have for your professor.
  3. Get a planner or calendar to keep track of important due dates throughout the year. Also plan ahead and write down any holidays, school breaks, or midterm/finals weeks now so you are prepared.
  4. Stock up on essential supplies like pens/pencils, scantrons, a flash drive, and notebook.
  5. Get your morning routine down. Set your alarms, make time for breakfast, pack your lunch the night before, and make sure everything you will need for the next day is in your school bag.
  6. Go a step further and plan for your new weekly routine. If you’ll be waking up early most days, start letting your body adjust to that schedule now by going to bed at an earlier hour. If you’ll need to change your work schedule, give your workplace a heads up now.
  7. First year at Madonna? Take an afternoon to explore campus and find out where certain things are before the first day. Though Madonna is not a big campus, pay attention to what building your class is in (your schedule on MyPortal will tell you). It’s easy to assume that your class is in the Main Academic Building (many classes are) but science classes are often in the Franciscan Center, and some nursing and business classes are in the Angelo DiPonio or Maertens buildings on the other side of Levan. Use these maps to avoid any confusion.
  8. Set goals for the new academic year. Want to boost your GPA? Figure out a plan and set small goals to help you achieve that. Want to become more involved on campus? Plan to attend the Madonna Mingle on Tuesday, September 9th so you can scout out which registered student organizations you might like to join. The opportunities are endless, and how you start the year will be how you end it!
  9. Have some fun during your last week of summer. Did you do all the fun stuff you wanted to do this summer? Check out our bucket list part 1 and part 2 (if you haven’t already!) for ideas.
  10. Relax! Your life will likely become busier. Take care of what needs to be done, but rest a little before you gear up for the new academic year!

Week of Welcome Preview

Week of Welcome (WoW) begins on September 8th. That’s just three weeks away! Are you excited?


This year’s theme is Luau, so to start off the week we will play games such as Coconut Roll and Lawn Chair Volleyball outside by the pond. The Office of Student Life is also working on a jumbo-sized Kerplunk game, and you won’t want to miss that! On Tuesday and Thursday, lei making will be happening in the Take 5. You can then wear your lei’s to Thursday evening’s luau. We’ll have games, popcorn, and maybe even a ball pit!


Tuesday will be a busy but fun-filled day because the Madonna Mingle will be happening in the Franciscan Center. You’ll want to stick around after meeting with members of all of MU’s Registered Student Organizations because a movie (voted on by you!) will be played outside on the lawn that night.


Wednesday also offers plenty to do. Women’s Soccer plays at 3:00 p.m. at the MAC, and Volleyball has a home game at 7:00 p.m. Afterward, head on down to the pond for a bonfire, complete with s’mores.


That Thursday is 9/11 and events will be held to commemorate the date. There will be a prayer by the flagpole, flag signing, and ribbon making.


Close out the week by joining us for popsicles by the pond on Friday afternoon!







Stay tuned for more details and an official schedule. We can’t wait to see you there!


Madonna Miles Fall Trips

Madonna Miles trips will start again this fall. We want your thoughts on some ideas!

Avoid a Case of the Mondays

Though classes haven’t started yet, you may have a busy week ahead of you with work, practices, or maybe even preparing for the new semester. To “avoid a case of the Monday’s” and make it through the week, you will want to make sure you are getting enough sleep! Hopefully these tips will do the trick:


  • Wind down. Before heading to bed, listen to relaxing music, stretch, dim the lights, or read for pleasure. These little things will make a difference in your ability to fall asleep faster.
  • Power down. Turn off the phone, laptop, or tablet an hour before you plan on going to bed. The light emitted by electronics is known to suppress melatonin, the naturally occurring chemical in your brain that helps you fall asleep.
  • Get comfortable. Block out sound and light to help your body relax. Use an eye mask or dark curtains on your windows to achieve darkness. To neutralize sounds, a small fan or device to play nature sounds can help. Earplugs are another option that actually do work well.
  • Communicate with roommates. Since you may have different schedules, it’s important to be aware of and respect that. You may need to establish your own quiet hours, and maybe even limit the hours that visitors come over. If you share a room, you may want to ask them to avoid turning lights on when you are trying to sleep.  


Want more tips? You can find that and more in the latest issue of Student Health 101.