December Checklist

The end of the year is near and so is winter break! While you’re probably worn out from final exams, projects, and papers, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of 2014!


1. Celebrate National Brownie Day (Dec. 8).

Not that we needed an excuse to eat chocolate on a Monday, but December 8th is National Brownie Day. Take a break from all your studying and bake some brownies, then eat up as you get back to your books.

2. Spread the word on Human Rights Day (Dec. 10).

In 1950, the UN General Assembly made December 10 Human Rights Day, to acknowledge global human rights as a goal we should all work toward. Show your support for human rights on this day by using the hashtag #rights365 or follow @UNrightswire on Twitter.

3. Shake it off on Taylor Swift’s Birthday (Dec. 13).

We know you secretly love “Blank Space,” so no need to hide it on this day. Some of us in the Office of Student Life think T-Swift makes the best music for releasing stress. Chill out after finals and jam to her new album.

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4. Celebrate Hanukkah (Dec. 16-24)…

This year, it begins on December 16. Whether you celebrate with family or friends, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday.

5. Enjoy time with loved ones on Christmas Day (Dec. 25).

Whether your day will be full of the madness of unwrapping gifts, or you’ll be relaxing at home by a fire, enjoy this time off and have a cookie (or two).

6. See a movie.

Into the Woods opens on Christmas day, but there are plenty of movies out this month. Other options include: Wild (, Annie (, and Unbroken ( Grab a friend and see a matinee!

7. Go ice skating.

Though Campus Martius is great, you can always go skating indoors if this cold weather is not for you. Most skating rinks do not charge much for entrance, and you’ll even get a great workout in.

8. Celebrate on New Year’s Eve (until Dec. 31).

Go see the Wayne County Lightfest on Hines Drive any day this month until December 31st! The cost is $5.00 per car.

9. Celebrate on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31).

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the year of the sheep, which symbolizes peace, harmony, and tranquility in the year to come. Approach the year with a positive attitude and prepare for a fresh start.


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Finals Week Tips, Part 2

Finals is a time of the semester when almost every student is stressed and bogged down by tests. Students are typing papers or reading long textbooks. Whether you like finals or not, you still have to take them to pass. There are so many tips out there to keep you on track with your finals! But before we get to the tips, lets look at some funny quotes about finals week!

          finals 2
finals 1                            finals 3           finals 4

Now that we have had a laugh (don’t be the guy in the upper middle) or two let’s talk about tips for finals week.

  1.      When studying go back into your old notes and use them to help prepare for finals. If the professor had you take notes, they mostly likely want you to remember information contained in them.
  2.      Use Flash Cards! Flash cards help with memory and confidence. Even if you don’t get anything from the flash cards, It can help your confidence.
  3.      Stay off the internet! It does not help to be on the internet chatting all your friends when you should be studying.
  4.      Find a Partner or Study Group. When you collaborate great things can come from it.

snowflakeGood luck!snowflake

Finals Week Tips, Part 1

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Finals!

Here we go MU! Finals time once again. The days until Winter Break are winding down, so dig deep and find an ounce of motivation. Follow these few tips and you’re on your way to making it through finals week.

finals part 1

  • Take a deep breath! It really does help. Take in the O2 and release the CO2 to help your brain function during such a stressful time.
  • Study in a way that is best for you. If you do better studying while listening to music, do it! If you like silence, go find that! Do whatever is best for you to accomplish your studying needs.
  • Don’t study non-stop all day! Your brain and body need a break. Take a break to stretch or just relax before hitting the books again.
  • Get enough sleep! Don’t pull an “all-nighter”. You will do better if you are well rested compared to cramming and forgetting the material you have studied.  

snowflakeStay tuned for Part 2!snowflake

National Cookie Day


What’s your favorite type of cookie? Chocolate chip? Peanut butter? Sugar? Homemade? From a box? December 4th is National Cookie Day. This holiday is not widely observed, but we think it should be!


The holidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a cookie exchange?

  1. Form a group of participants.
  2. Establish a date for the swap.
  3. Consider a sign-up sheet so that there is a variety of cookies
  4. Set a few ground rules: How many cookies is each person bringing to eat at the exchange? How many cookies is each person bringing to actually exchange and send home with others?
  5. If you’re hosting, try to find a cookie tin for each participant so they can take their loot home easily.
  6. Consider baking an extra dozen to donate to a local bake sale or shelter.
  7. Make sure to take allergies into account – nothing ruins the holidays like a trip to the ER. Cookies can be lactose-, nut- and gluten-free.

cookies cookies2 oreos

How will you be celebrating the day? 🙂


Missing M and Scavenger Hunt Winners

During Spirit Week 2014, teams of students participated in the “Missing M” contest and a campus-wide scavenger hunt throughout the week.

The Missing M was hidden in the stairwell in the Education hallway and found by Donald Owens and Scotty Carpenter.

 missing m

For the scavenger hunt, students searched for the answers to questions such as, “What does Sapientia Desursum mean and why is it significant to Madonna University?” (“Wisdom from Above” and it’s the University motto) and “What is the name of the MU Instagram account?” (@madonnauniversity). With a total of 213.5 points out of a possible 225, Team Woody, Buzz, and The Claw won this year’s scavenger hunt! Congratulations to members Nancy Boyd, Emily Crombez, and Katie Crombez.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants for making Spirit Week 2014 more fun!