17 Things All Madonna Students Can Relate To

Things all Madonna Students Know to be True

Going to school at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan is a unique experience in the way it is such a small and cozy learning environment. The following is a list all Madonna students can relate to!

  1. When you first walk on campus for your class you immediately run into at least three friends or professors.
  2. Going for what should be a thirty second walk through the Take 5 and it ending up being a half an hour trek because you need to talk to all the familiar faces.
  3. Having to explain to outsiders Madonna is in fact not named after the pop star.
  4. Participating in service learning projects with University 1010 and other classes has changed your life.
  5. Becoming best friends with your cluster from University 1010.
  6. You don’t know the struggle of walking more than five minutes to get to a class because it’s a tiny campus.
  7. You have debated about what to call the Franciscan Center Gathering Space at least once… “The Fran,” “Franciscan Center,” “Stacks,” “Gathering Space,” and “FCS”are just a few.
  8. You appreciate the perk of free parking.
  9. You have become super close with your professors and peers within your major because the class sizes are so small.
  10. Seeing a nun or priest is the norm because it’s a Catholic school with strong Franciscan values.
  11. You know the Office of Student Life is constantly busy working on campus activities because there is always something going on.
  12. Being in many different activities at the same time because there are so many Registered Student Organizations offered.
  13. Nursing students are kind of a big deal around here… And Criminal Justice… and Sign Language Studies… and Broadcasting Cinema Arts… and Forensic Science… You could say our students are pretty cool.
  14. The Study Abroad Programs are a blast because you go to foreign places with a group of your best friends.
  15. You can probably recite the University’s mission statement at any given time because it was so ingrained in you at orientation.
  16. Speaking of orientation, the Office of First Year Experience Peer Mentors probably scared you with their enthusiasm but you loved it.
  17. Lastly, you know you made the right choice to come to Madonna because of the outstanding academics and lasting bonds from the institution!