Age of Love: Review


On March 21, 2016 campus had some visitors from a couple of different senior centers in the area. The senior citizens joined Madonna students viewing the documentary “The Age of Love.” The Aging Studies department had two screenings and the director of the movie was present for any questions, afterwards.

The documentary followed 30 older adults, ages 70-90 years old. Each of these seniors went to a speed dating event. The documentary showed the struggles they face as seniors and trying to find love after not being loved for so long and it showed the beauty of finding love. One of the couples who went on a date after the event, are still in a relationship. They just celebrated Valentine’s day together, which they were very excited for.

The documentary brought laughter and sad moments for everyone in the audience. The Q and A afterwards, really showed the generation differences in how they felt about seniors and speed dating. The younger generation could not grasp the concept of seniors wanting to date and going on dates but it’s more common than we think! So speed dating is not just for the young!


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