Graduating in May?

happy graduates

First let me say on behalf of Student Life “CONGRATULATIONS!”  We all know the amount of hard work that goes into earning a degree. So here’s how to get the most out of that degree and ensure a smooth transition out of Madonna University and into the career you’ve worked hard for.

Important Dates:

  • Commencement tickets are available starting April 1st in the Office of Student Life (room 1411)
  • Also starting April 1st get your cap and gown from the Bookstore, in store or online.
  • Fill out the Graduate Survey for Career Services! (This can be filled out when you get your tickets)
  • Graduation Mass, Thursday May 5, 7:00 at the Felician Sisters presentation Chapel
  • Reception for Graduates and Families following Graduation Mass
  • Commencement is Saturday, May 7 at suburban Collection Showplace
    • Graduate Ceremony at 10:30 and Undergraduate ceremony at 2:00


If you’ve yet to fill out the Participation form on MyPortal, Students Tab, under Graduation Info 2016 make sure you do so by March 25th! Make sure to keep an eye on your Madonna Email and MyPortal for Vital Information!






Photo booth packed with props, pauses and pretty smiles

After weeks of calculated preparations and the countdown to the anticipated event, spring fling finally flung and it was a hit! Flashy lights twirled up the sky of the east dining hall like clustered stars forming constellations on a nebula, and a glitzy disco ball danced in rotation on the southern end of the ballroom, spraying rays of light as it spun. The walls were decked out with decks and vinyl records of various artists through the decades and the window stickers displayed a mirror of the decades’ theme. The photo booth was packed with props, pauses and pretty smiles and the dance floor, well, the dance floor sprung with boogieing feet, turning, twisting, and twirling.


Boogieing Bryan representing the 70s

When it came to dressing, the audience was really feeling the theme. All the decades were represented and everyone in attendance was fab! Throughout the night, the  DJ did a good job to keep all these partiers entertained and dancing through the decades, and a t no point was the dance floor lacking in people to fill it with eminent moves that were prominent at given periods in time. Refreshments were available to quench any thirsty dancers and mingling was the name of the game. Once the DJ got us back to the 2010s, it was time to buckle up and spring fling flung!


Turning, twisting and twirling on the dance floor

17 Things All Madonna Students Can Relate To

Things all Madonna Students Know to be True

Going to school at Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan is a unique experience in the way it is such a small and cozy learning environment. The following is a list all Madonna students can relate to!

  1. When you first walk on campus for your class you immediately run into at least three friends or professors.
  2. Going for what should be a thirty second walk through the Take 5 and it ending up being a half an hour trek because you need to talk to all the familiar faces.
  3. Having to explain to outsiders Madonna is in fact not named after the pop star.
  4. Participating in service learning projects with University 1010 and other classes has changed your life.
  5. Becoming best friends with your cluster from University 1010.
  6. You don’t know the struggle of walking more than five minutes to get to a class because it’s a tiny campus.
  7. You have debated about what to call the Franciscan Center Gathering Space at least once… “The Fran,” “Franciscan Center,” “Stacks,” “Gathering Space,” and “FCS”are just a few.
  8. You appreciate the perk of free parking.
  9. You have become super close with your professors and peers within your major because the class sizes are so small.
  10. Seeing a nun or priest is the norm because it’s a Catholic school with strong Franciscan values.
  11. You know the Office of Student Life is constantly busy working on campus activities because there is always something going on.
  12. Being in many different activities at the same time because there are so many Registered Student Organizations offered.
  13. Nursing students are kind of a big deal around here… And Criminal Justice… and Sign Language Studies… and Broadcasting Cinema Arts… and Forensic Science… You could say our students are pretty cool.
  14. The Study Abroad Programs are a blast because you go to foreign places with a group of your best friends.
  15. You can probably recite the University’s mission statement at any given time because it was so ingrained in you at orientation.
  16. Speaking of orientation, the Office of First Year Experience Peer Mentors probably scared you with their enthusiasm but you loved it.
  17. Lastly, you know you made the right choice to come to Madonna because of the outstanding academics and lasting bonds from the institution!

2016 International Festival at Madonna University



Another great and successful event took place this past week, at Madonna University!

Sponsored by the Institutional Standing Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusion, the International Festival has been a colorful event which attracted students, educators, university’s staff and community’s members. The Franciscan gathering center was crowded thanks to food, performances, games, and a significant representation of international students from 27 countries all around the globe.

A delicious Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Polish food selection delighted the most exigent palates; those amazing sausages and sauerkrauts will be hard to forget!

Ruffle prizes, Chinese Calligraphy and Origami, and Guess the Flag game functioned as a perfect fun and entertainment for all the most curious guests.

The music performances were absolutely gorgeous and rich in variety.

The Italian American choral group opened the event, under the direction of the Italian student Viviana Garabello, Music Education Major at Madonna. They performed the Italian National Anthem and The Star Spangled Banner with solemnity, majesty and powerful singing.

Other three national anthems followed; O Canada, beautifully sung by the student registered organization No Strings Attached (a cappella group) and the Chinese and the South Korean National Anthems, performed at the Keyboard by Katie Crombez, Piano Performance major.

Nice surprise for all the guests with the two medley of tunes, originally and wonderfully played by Garry Kaluzny at the Cajiun Accordion and Mary Ann Stokes at the Dulcimer. The afternoon was enriched by the solo performances of great artists, like Edwin Sibrian Pineda with his guitar and voice performing the songs Gustas and El perdon; the duet Kaba Gaida and John Carzon with their medley of Bulgarian tunes and, in conclusion, the medley of Celtic tunes performed by Doris Williams and her medieval lute and soprano voice.

On the second floor of the gathering space, interesting informational posters about countries were displayed all around, enriching the cultural experience for the guests, with pictures and description of China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

Get ready to enjoy this incredible journey through the entire planet Earth, like a real tourist, just by comfortably walking at your Madonna University Franciscan Center!

Note the next appointment in your calendar for next year, February 2017!


Phi Alpha Theta at Madonna University


Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society Membership Drive – Applications due February 15

Have you heard of Phi Alpha Theta? Did you know Madonna has a chapter? Did you know we are currently accepting new members?

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honors society for History students. By joining Madonna’s Alpha-Lambda-Xi chapter, you will be able to count yourself a part of the more than quarter million members nationwide. Application and membership fee due February 15 at 4 PM to Room 2202. For a link to an application, click here.

Benefits of membership:

  • Resume builder – Phi Alpha Theta is good to have on a resume.  At least one case of one of our members has gotten a job because of her Phi Alpha Theta membership.
  • A one-year subscription to “The Historian,” a history journal published by Phi Alpha Theta, containing papers on a variety of world and U.S. topics
  • Scholarship opportunities available through the national website
  • Opportunities to present scholarship at conferences open only to members, student members included
  • Leadership opportunities through Madonna’s Alpha-Lambda-Xi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta
    • Officer positions
    • Planning Phi Alpha Theta events
    • Present scholarship you have prepared for History courses at chapter events


  • 12 s.h. in History
  • At least  4 courses in history (only 3 s.h. of AP, online, or transfer credits may count toward this requirement)
  • Overall 3.0 GPA and a 3.1 GPA in History
    • 5 GPA for graduate students, with 1/3 of residency requirements complete
  • A $45 initiation fee that includes a one-year subscription to “The Historian”

Contact & Questions:

  • Paul Radzilowski, History Department chair and faculty adviser:
  • Phi Alpha Theta national website:



Madonna Students #RockTheVote


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote” -George Jean Nathan.

With election primaries coming up, many college students will not think much of it because it is the same week as spring break. However, student votes are super important in choosing what our future will look like. Here are five reasons why all Madonna students should vote in the Presidential Primary Election on Tuesday, March 8th!

  1. Primary elections are arguably more important than general elections because they determine who the candidates will be in November. Every vote counts!

2. Michigan is an open primary state, meaning you do not have to be registered within a political party to vote, which makes it more convenient for all registered voters.

3. The election is on TUESDAY, MARCH 8th during Spring Break! This means you have no excuse to miss voting- you will not have to worry about class or working on assignments. If you’re on a vacation, you can also vote via an absentee ballot.

4. College is a key stage in the political socialization process, in which students truly develop educated opinions on topics they are passionate about. Have your voice heard through your vote in the primary election!

5. With so many candidates to choose from this is an exciting election year! To find out who you align with best, take this popular quiz:


To vote in the Primary Election, you must be registered by Monday, February 8. Voter registration forms and absentee ballots are available in the Office of Student Life in Room 1411. Happy Voting!


MLK Week of Service at Madonna University



Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accomplished many great things and left us with wisdom to live by. During the week of January 18-22, we held a week of service on- and off-campus to honor his legacy. The service projects varied from making fleece blankets for children in hospitals to going to Gleaners to pack food in Detroit. The candlelight vigil held on January 18 was very moving. Students from all walks of life shared important moments that occurred in Dr. King’s life with those that attended. A spoken word poem was performed by Kevin Finch and added a powerful message about how far we have come in America and how far we still have to go to make Dr. King’s dream a reality. This week was filled with education and opportunities to help others just like Dr. King would have wanted.